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Pujya Anoyogacharya Labdhichandrasagarji, has inspired a tirth that will cater to the contemporary mindsets of young and old with faith, logic and reasoning. It has become the mission of his life to bring back the estranged sections of the Jain community under one roof with the concept of a Jain Science City.


Shankheshwarpuram - Jain Science City, caters to answer various topics that have faith intertwined with impeccable logic and reasoning to deepen the devotion.

A Research Center, A Laboratory, A Meditation Center, Spiritual Healing Center, Dharmshala, Paushadshala, Bhojanshala are part of the momentous plan.

- What is the structural significance of a Temple and the Idol ?
- Why is the facet, idols, courtyards, sanctums a powerhouse of positivity ?
- How does the delicate carving and structure emit tremendous divine energy ?
- How does Anjanshalakha and Pran Pratistha initiate a lifeless stone into Godliness ?
- How to balance the 7 chakras with Puja, Chaityavandan and Meditation ?

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